Battlefield V/5 and the intro that keeps coming back

Link to my Answers HQ post at the bottom!

I recently installed Battlefield V, as it released.

I played through the intro, then had some fun in the multiplayer.

The day after, I was going to play some games with a friend of mine, and had to do the intro a second time. Fair enough, thought it might’ve been a bug. Finished intro and played some games with my friend.

Then, the day after, it wanted me to play the intro AGAIN. That’s when I started googling for a solution to the problem, and found a few different solutions.

Here‘s one thread, and here is another.

None of these worked for me. When I renamed the PROFSAVE_tmp file to PROFSAVE, it would just create a new one when I started the game, and I’d have to do the intro again.

This made me quite annoyed, but luckily for me, I work in IT. I started up the Procmon.exe from SysInternals, and started up the game. I then filtered to only show bfv.exe, and found something … dumb.

I come from Norway, and my name contains a letter that’s not part of the English alphabet. Namely the letter ‘ø’. So my user path is C:\Users\Bjørnar\

It managed to create the PROFSAVE_tmp, so the game should be able to handle the ø, right? Well.. Yes and no.


As you can see here, it’s first looking in C:\Users\Bjørnar\Documents\Battlefield V\ for the proper stuff.

Then it gets silly, and it’s trying to create the file PROFSAVE in C:\Users\Bjrnar\Documents\Battlefield V\. This doesn’t exist, so it fails, and it creates the PROFSAVE_tmp in the correct place.

My workaround for this, which actually fixed it, was fairly simple. I created C:\Users\Bjrnar\Documents, and created a link to the proper location. I did it like this:

Open run (windows button + r), and enter cmd

Here I wrote this command:

mklink /j “C:\Users\Bjrnar\Documents\Battlefield V” “C:\Users\Bjørnar\Documents\Battlefield V”

That’s about it. Hope it solved your issue, if you, like me, have a funky name.



Update! I also reported it to EA at Answers HQ:


7 thoughts on “Battlefield V/5 and the intro that keeps coming back

  1. Hi, I have the same problem (from Sweden) But when I try to enter the command it just says access denied even tho I’m an Admin and also tried running it as an administrator. Any ideas?

  2. Hi,

    I have the same problem since I’m from Sweden, but when I try to run the command it just gives me access denied and I have tried running CMD as an administrator. Any ideas?


  3. O M G
    I almost… almost… asked back for my money.
    I looked for every solution but there are no solutions at all! Only this one annoying one that needs me to change _tmp to original file every time..
    And your solution was 100% PERFECT!
    I have downloaded Procmon64.exe just to see which directory the game is trying to get, and I found that when it’s non english letters, it just deletes them.

    So my directory is c/users/*****/documents (***=non english) and the game tried to reach c/users/documents

    so I created the directory and linked it with the command you provied to CMD and now it works perfect!
    Thanks alot you have saved my game 🙂

  4. Thank you very much for this fix, you have just saved me from a lot of trouble.

    I have been manually creating the missing PROFSAVE file in the past couple of weeks by copying, pasting and renaming the PROFSAFE_tmp, every single time I played the game, just so I would not lose my in game progress.

    I was hoping that EA or Dice would release a patch or fix, given the fact that it is a simple issue and it would help a lopt of users. I guess they only care about making money nowadays…

    Thank you again for this

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